Friday, February 1, 2008

Penzeys to the Rescue

For Christmas this year I received a gift card to Penzeys from my Mother (thank you mom, look what you bought me). After spending hours searching through the catalog and browsing online I finally decided what wonderful items I wanted to stock my shelves with.

I have decided to show my love of Penzeys to the world and show off all the wonderful things I got.

These are all of the items that I ordered. Click on any particular one to be taken to that spice on the Penzeys website. I did not order any garlic powder this time because I have about half a pound left still but their garlic powder is wonderful also. One last thing, these spices are so reasonably priced. Everything that I got (including shipping) was only $55.

California Basil
Kosher Style Course Fake Salt
French Thyme
Chicken Taco Seasoning
White Granulated Onion Powder
Dutch Process Cocoa Powder
Minced Garlic
Northwoods Seasoning
Brady Street Cheese Sprinkle
Chicago Steak Seasoning
Galena St Rib and Chicken Rub
Malabar Peppercorns
Turkish Oregano
Hungarian Sweet Paprika
Pasta Sprinkle
Creamy Peppercorn
the Sandwich Sprinkle came along with my order as a free sample.

Also check out The Spice House which is run by a member of the Penzey family. I have not prchased much from them but what I have has been excellent. Their Chicago Deep Dish Pizza Pizzazz helps make one amazing garlic cheese bread.


Anonymous said...

WOW---I am so jealous!! Enjoy

Anonymous said...

Oh I love Penzys!! They have the best selection I've seen and the quality is awesome. I'm getting ready to place another order to them soon. Have fun!

Jaime said...

i'm so jealous too!

Anonymous said...

That stuff looks awesome! I think I'm going to place an order for Dutch cocoa here soon.

Em said...

I love Penzey's! The Sandwich Sprinkle is great- we put it on grilled cheese and it's yummy.

Carrie said...

I love Penzeys!

Anonymous said...

The pics came out great. Looks even better than you described to me! WOw!

Cassi said...

Holy Cow... That is a lot of stuff!!!!!! Make me something!

rhid said...

They have an amazing vanilla extract - I love it!