Monday, March 24, 2008

Blake Makes, Gave TCHO

A couple of weeks ago Blake over at Blake Makes gave away some Beta TCHO chocolate bars that the company so graciously donated to him. The requirements of the give away is that you had to be a member of Blake's fan club of super hero food bloggers (in which he calls Soopz), you had to love dark chocolate and you had to have a blog (preferably a food one) but the most important thing is that whomever received the TCHO bars had to show some love by blogging about and spreading the word about their magnificent chocolate.

Surprisingly the dark richness of this chocolate was a bit to much for me but my husband absolutely loved it. He said it was wonderful and one of the best dark chocolates he has ever had. For more information on TCHO check out their website.


Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

I have signed up Amber. Also I made your Explosive Cheesecake this weekend to spoil my daughter with one of her favourites:D

Anonymous said...

Great post! I had exactly the same experience as you. I thought TCHO was incredibly dark, but great. My wife loved the stuff. It wasn't too dark for her. Glad to know you!

Anonymous said...

Nick was in the same boat as you - he thought it was a little too "rough-tasting". But hey, as long as someone in the house is enjoying it, that's all that matters!